Overview: –

before making any changes to your website, it’s best practice to always create a backup. cPanel already has a built-in backup tool for creating backups. This features allowed you to take full backup copy of your entire website in zip file (compressed file) format.

The Backup interface allows you to download and store your files, databases and filters in a backup file.

please do the following step:

1.Login to cPanel

2.In search bar type backup


3.Click on Backup

files backup

  1. In the Full Backup section, click the Download a Full Website Backup button.

full backup

  1. On the next screen select a storage option from the Backup Destinationmenu:

(i.e. Home Directory or any other ftp server location) option is selected.

  • Home Directory — Select this option to save the backup file to the server.
  • Remote FTP Server — Select this option to use FTP to store the backup file on a remote server.

Note: – it’s best practice to always store backup on ftp server instead of local server

Then Select a notification option:

  • If you want to receive a notification when the backup finishes, enter your email address in the text box.
  • If you do not wish to receive a notification, click on Do not send email notification of backup completion.
  1. Click the Generate Backup button to begin the Full Backup.generate full backup

Congratulations! now you know done with backup. Contact waxspace support if you need any support for creating backup.