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This interface allows you to restore accounts from the backup archives that the system stores in thebackupsdirectory. You can restore a single account, several accounts, or accounts from a specific date.

Note: The blue border around a section indicates the next required step.

In this example, the blue border indicates that the next step is to select a date from the calendar.

Restore by Account

This option allows you to choose which accounts to restore. You can restore multiple accounts, but you must add each account separately.

To restore an account, perform the following steps:

1. Select one or more accounts that you wish to restore

Notes: This menu includes accounts that have at least one backup archive.Enter an account name in the Filter Accounts text box to filter the list.You can select multiple accounts.If you add an account to the queue, it will appear in gray and you cannot select it again.You can restore an account as many times as you wish, but you must wait for the restoration process to finish before you add that account to the queue again.

2. Select a date from the Available Restoration Dates calendar.

3. Select any desired options from the Additional Options sectionRestore Subdomains — Restores any subdomains that appear in the account’s backup archive.Restore Mail Config — Restores the account’s email.Restore MySQL — Restores the account’s MySQL® databases.