Start up servers and build your own cloud!
  • Product 1

    Starter OpenStack --

    • 15GB Storage with RAID 10
    • 512 MB RAM
      512 MB SWAP
      1 vCPU
      SSD Boosted
      Traffic 1 TB
      Uplink 1 Gbps
      1 Dedicated IP
      Open Stack KVM
  • Product 2

    Economy OpenStack --

    • 45GB Storage with RAID 10
    • 2 GB RAM
      2048 MB SWAP
      2 vCPU
      SSD Boosted
      Traffic 1 TB
      Uplink 1 Gbps
      1 Dedicated IP
      Open Stack KVM
  • Product 3

    Deluxe OpenStack --

    • 65GB Storage with RAID 10
    • 4 GB RAM
      4 GB SWAP
      3 vCPU
      SSD Boosted
      Traffic 1 TB
      Uplink 1 Gbps
      1 Dedicated IP
      Open Stack KVM
  • Product 4

    Premium OpenStack --

    • 125GB Storage with RAID 10
    • 8 GB RAM
      8 GB SWAP
      6 vCPU
      SSD Boosted
      Traffic 1TB
      Uplink 1Gbps
      1 Dedicated IP
      Open Stack KVM
      Get Faster Hosting Experiance With Cloud Hosting
      With top-of-the line cheap cloud hosting infrastructure in India, leveraging high end processors, high performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud hosting services give you the performance your site is looking for.
      Ready-to-use network
      Once you have ordered an account, we will immediately activate a network with a router for you.
      Infrastructure tailored to OpenStack
      Our data centres, we have built dedicated racks equipped with network cards designed for OpenStack.
      Pay only for what you use
      Manage and track your site's performance, gather information, and keep an eye on all your important metrics.
      Automated Failover
      If a hardware issue arises, your site is automatically switched to another server.
      99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
      We at Waxspace guarantee you 99.999% uptime for your OpenStack environment. We continually invest in improving our network, so that your servers never go down.
      Data Mirroring
      Cloud hosting automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and redundancy.
      OpenStack is more than just a cloud platform
      Large open source community
      OpenStack has one of the fastest growing open source networks in the world. This community of developers and technicians make sure that updates are available every half year.
      Developed by NASA
      NASA started the OpenStack project. By making the code open source, it has now become one of the most reliable and powerful platforms to manage a cloud network.
      Get Your Own Cloud Today!
      Starting At ₹540 /Month
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